About us

The company Medelens Ltd was founded in 1998. At the outset, it was a pharmacy to whom additionally joined the drug wholesaler. Over time, the company was expanded by opening new pharmacies and health stores.

Since January 2015 the company has been reorganized by combining SIA “MEDELEN” owned pharmacies and shops in one company, while wholesaler setting up a separate structure – Medelens + Ltd. Despite the fact that today there are two separate companies, they are still united by friendly team, a common goals, development direction and priorities of the company: high-quality and high-quality pharmaceutical care, ethics and professionalism principles.

Medelens + Ltd wholesaler is stable growing company engaged in pharmaceuticals, medical products, food supplements supply to pharmacies, medical facilities, and also successfully cooperate with other pharmaceutical companies and medication wholesalers.

The Medelens + Ltd action comply with the Good Distribution Practice guidelines adopted in the European Union and Latvian Republic normative documents. The company works in accordance with international wholesaler quality operations system principles. To facilitate this, the staff is opened and ready for new ideas and challenges. In view of the successful and stable activities of Medelens + Ltd, the company has a partnership with international companies in the pharmaceutical industry and the Latvian pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Medelens Ltd priority today is supporting of local Latvian manufacturing companies.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Medelens+ wholesaler’s catalogue of the products! For additional information, co-operation offer or in case of queries please contact Medelens + Ltd collective, by contact information available below:
Phone: +371 67704319,
Fax:+371 62904749,
e-mail: info@medelens.lv

Our mission

The Medelens + Ltd and MEDELENS Ltd mission is to improve the public health and quality of life by providing medications, dietary supplements and other goods for health timely.

Our mission

Based on the Hippocratic Oath, we all knowledge and skills acquired in good faith and conscientiously, we devote to public health care, human pain and mitigation of suffering.

Sincerely, MEDELENS+ Ltd and MEDELENS Ltd team